Here are a few examples of embedding images and videos in the content of the pages and posts.

Quick Gallery


Single Lightbox Image

Business Cards



Portfolio Carousel

[pexcarousel pex_attr_cat="7" pex_attr_title="Latest Projects" pex_attr_link="" pex_attr_link_title="More Projects" pex_attr_maxnum="15" pex_attr_orderby="menu_order" pex_attr_order="DESC"][/pexcarousel]



Nivo Slider in content

[pexnivoslider pex_attr_sliderid="27"][/pexnivoslider]


Image with caption

This is a caption text

This is a caption text

YouTube Video

[pexyoutube pex_attr_src="" pex_attr_width="670"][/pexyoutube]


Vimeo Video

[pexvimeo pex_attr_src="" pex_attr_width="670"][/pexvimeo]